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At first glance, your eyes compound by the bright, dramatic pops of color that can easily mislead your minds first instinctual process of emotions before heeding to the subject matter that often leads to hidden messages of fear, hope or the underlying struggles, vulnerability tends to lends to.
The contrast of color verse impassioned voice can often lead to a juxtaposition of the senses making you question if your inner reasoning’s of the piece are accurate when trying to distinguish your understanding.

Creating art that allows the whole sum of society to relate to at least one point in the works is a subconscious unity to not only others who view the piece but to all other works in the collection.
With a focus on acrylic and airbrush, using a mix of hyper realism and pop surrealist techniques, I am able to demonstrate disguised macabre themes in a whimsical execution. This allows for a resonating moment of connection to childlike innocence with the ripened angst we deal with as we cultivate maturity.

Every piece created is so distinct from another yet cohesive in message and approach. Fulfillment comes from challenging the perception of what a body of works truly means to viewer’s sensitivity to palatial artistry.


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